25.Dec.2013 - Better Late Than Never!

Hey Team!

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my train wreck of a podcast.  Well Christmas is earl–right on time!


I had lots of fun with y’all this semester, hope to catch you in the New Year!

18.Dec.2013 - Podcast is up!

Hi gang,

Here’s the link to my podcast:



I had a great time with you all this term, if anyone is interested I’m going to try to organize a robo-reunion sometime in the new year.

All the best.



- Blue Line Autonomous taxis? Are you Ready?

In this edition of Law of Robotics and Other Cool Things, I discuss some of the social and psychological barriers that society will have to overcome in order to make autonomous taxis a daily part of their reality. Issues of consumer choice, safety and privacy are explored, as well as the insights provided by interviewees. Enjoy!

- Killer Robots: Morality and the Development of Lethal Autonomous Robots

Standing on the diverging road or technological innovation and morality, the decision to go left or right is crucial and potentially deadly….

- Semi-Autonomous Weapons – Future of Law Enforcement?

Please enjoy this podcast that discusses any negligence, recklessness or moral responsibility that may result from a decision to activate a semi-autonomous weapon during the course of duty.  The podcast includes insightful interviews of various law enforcement experts that reveal considerations not likely known to the general public.  Enjoy.

Alternatively, the podcast can also be found at: https://soundcloud.com/user170513201/autonomous-weapons-podcast

- Telepresence Robots in the Workplace – Bringing Your Work to a Home Near You!

Telepresence Robots in the Workplace – Bringing Your Work to a Home Near You!

Welcome to this week’s episode on telepresence robots in the workplace. The telerobot allows the employee the ability to interact with their peers in a more natural way and allows for participation in both scheduled and spontaneous meetings that arise in a dynamic work environment. In exchange for this embodied participation in the workplace, is the employee relinquishing important privacy values? Tune in below to find out the answer!



- TECH LAW TALK Episode 99: People Deceive and Humans are Poor Lie Detectors

TECH LAW TALK EPISODE 99: People deceive and humans are poor lie detectors!

In this episode you will be introduced to avatar kiosks! This episode includes a discussion of how this technology works and a re-enactment of an interaction with an avatar kiosk. In addition, this podcast addresses whether the design of avatar kiosks infringes our section 7 constitutional protections against self-incrimination. Finally, we will find out how the public feels about avatar kiosks at the border. Hope you enjoy listening!

- androids beware

Hi everyone, please find the link to my video below:

- Dick’s Choice


Dick’s Choice: A Tale of Digital Hearts

Robotic medical devices are here. And for Dick Cheney, they made him face the ultimate choice. Are we to leave technology to run its course unhindered, for the humans to be taken out of the equation – for Dick to no longer play a role in the decisions concerning his heart? Or is there still a need for the human element?

Find out at: https://vimeo.com/82169697

Want more? Check out this video and this article.

15.Dec.2013 - Podcast: The Tripods of Hephaestus


Hey all,

My podcast is available via dropbox at the following link: